No. 62 CD-ROM

Edited 10 2011

ISSN: 1728-5909

Feature: Transgender Athletes


The inclusion of transgender athletes is one of the challenges sport governing organisations face throughout the world. Issue number 62 of the ICSSPE Bulletin seeks to provide some clarification about basic gender/sex terms; to give insight into medical information about transgender athlete sport participation; to investigate policies related to inclusion of transgender athletes in sport programmes; and to share perspectives on appropriate practices for those involved in sport. Hence, through contributions which have been collected and edited by Darlene Kluka and Anneliese Goslin, such as “Participation by Transsexual and Transgender Athletes: Ethical Dilemmas Needing Ethical Decision Making Skills”; “Transsexual and Transgender Policies in Sport”; “Managing Athletes with Disorders of Sexual Development”; and “Athletic Administrator Perspectives Hindering Transgender Inclusion in U. S. Collegiate Sports: A Queer-Feminist Analysis”, this feature addresses questions of what constitutes a transgender athlete, whether someone is or is not female or male, how we define sex difference, and how we might make space in the world for people who do not neatly fit into categories of sex and gender. The Current Issues section includes articles about the WHO Report on No Communicable Diseases; the Migration and the Protection of Minors, in particular children in sports; and current ICSSPE News.


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