No. 56 CD-ROM

Edited 06 2009

ISSN: 1728-5909

Feature: ICSEMIS Researchers Award


In the special feature of this Bulletin we introduce some of the award winners of the ICSEMIS Researchers Award from Guangzhou, China. Different topics from various fields of sports will be presented, including “New Aspects on Myofibrillar Remodeling in Human Muscle after Eccentric Exercise” by Lars-Eric Thornell, “Evaluating the Validity of Activity Limitation Tests for Use in Paralympic Classification” by Emma Beckman, or “Factors Associated with Depressed Mood and Mobility Limitation in Older People” by Mirja Hirvensalo. "The Ethics of Doping: Health, Medicine and Sports” by Michael McNamee and the “Sport for Peace Report” on a sports programme in Pakistan can be found in the Current Issue section. And in the new “Emerging Scholar” chapter Sameer E. Bhagirathi introduces the "Knowledge and Awareness towards Doping in Sports: A Survey Study“ and Diwakar Lal Amatya presents the "Anti-Doping Education for Nepalese National and International Athletes“.


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