No. 48 CD-ROM

Edited 09 2006

ISSN: 1728-5909

Feature: Sport and Human Rights


Bulletin 48 features ‘Sport and Human Rights’, with contributions from a range of countries, showing many different ways to look at this theme. It also contains for the first time profiles and quotes. In the Resources section, you will also find bibliographic information on Sport and Human Rights, along with other book reviews and our regular webliography. The Bulletin also contains e.g. a report from T.P. Reilly entitled ‘Environmental Aspects of the Olympic Games – an Interdisciplinary Approach’. It reflects on how environmental aspects influence the outcomes of major sports tournaments. Other articles give us an interesting view of the IAAF Athletics’ World Plan, with a focus on the IAAF World Athletics Day and on ‘Sport for ancient People of Siberia’.


We are pleased to offer you now the archived issues of the Bulletin No. 48. Please download the file below.