No. 70 PDF

Edited 05 2016

ISSN: 1728-5909-70

Feature: Olympics and Paralympics in Brazil: Who takes the prize?


Issue No. 70 of ICSSPE’s Bulletin provides a Special Feature called The Olympics and Paralympics in Brazil: Who Takes the Prize? The section contains a collection of scientific articles as well as selected journalistic works scrutinizing the situation in Rio de Janeiro around the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Through this collection, compiled and reviewed by Jens-Sejer Andersen from Play the Game and Prof. Dr Katia Rubio, Universidade de São Paulo, the editors hope to offer useful contributions, not only for the time before and during the Olympics, but also for the years to come when it is time to identify the cultural, sporting, financial, social and political legacies of the games for Brazil and for world sport.


You can download the online version here or order the CD-Rom here.