No. 52 CD-ROM

Edited 01 2008

ISSN: 1728-5909

Feature: Selected Sport and Physical Education Career Opportunities


Professionalism, globalisation, commercialisation and global health issues have catapulted sport and physical education into the business arena causing an exponential growth in career opportunities. Picking up this enormous development in sport, issue number 52 features “Selected Sport and Physical Education Career Opportunities”, including e.g. “Careers in Sport Law” by Mary A Hums, Anita M. Moorman and Anastasios Kabourakis, “Teaching Physical Education – Career Opportunities” by Claudette S. Jones, or “Being a Sport Coach” by Catherine Sellers. In addition, there are articles on “Breaking the culture: The UCI’s recent strategies for the detection and deterrence of doping in cycling” by Anne Gripper; on “Civilised Games?: Beijing 2008, Power Politics, and Cultural Struggles” by Joseph Maguire; “Health Status, Needs and Attitudes Toward People with Intellectual Disability” by Stephen Corbin and Heather Driscoll and much more.


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