No. 57 CD-ROM

Edited 09 2009

ISSN: 1728-5909

Feature: Sports Information Science Update


The special feature "Sports Information Science Update" focuses on databases and sport information centre services that support and enhance the work of the sport science research community, sport coaches, athletes and sport administrators. "Sport Information" is very broadly constructed and includes the whole spectrum of old and new forms - from printed books, periodical articles, sport photography and film to Internet and websites with archives and real time capabilities. An interesting collection of articles from all around the world is included, such as "Summer of 64 and the Olympic Database" by Bill Mallon, "Sport England's Sport Facilities database" by Nick Evans and Becky Penty and "Sport Images: Access to Current and Historical Resources" by Gretchen Ghent. This Bulletin also keeps you up to date with news from ICSSPE, Members and Partners in the regular sections of the Bulletin.


We are pleased to offer you now the archived issues of the Bulletin No. 57. Please download the file below.