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ICSSPE Supports WFSGI's Call to Action Against Physical Inactivity


ICSSPE is endorsing the recent statement from the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and key industry leaders.

WHO's New Estimates of Physical Inactivity in Adults Webinar


Being active is good for health. In line with our commitment to promote physical activity globally, ICSSPE is pleased to share important upcoming events organized by the WHO Department of Health Promotion, Physical Activity unit.

ICSSPE Collaborates with Berlin Senate on Advancing Sports Development and Physical Activity


In a significant move towards fostering active and inclusive communities, ICSSPE had a productive meeting with the Sports Development and Sports Infrastructure Department of the Senate Department for the Interior and Sport, on the 20th of June at

2024 UNESCO International Literacy Prizes


UNESCO opened the call for nominations for the 2024 edition of the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes, on the theme “Promoting multilingual education: Literacy for mutual understanding and peace”.