Observing alleged misbehavior or misconduct?

ICSSPE member organisations have adopted a whistleblowing policy that will aid in the reporting of alleged misconduct within the organisation. This includes alleged misbehavior among officers from the Executive Board, the Development Committee, and Executive Office staff members. To read the policy, click on this link.


If you intend to allege misconduct within ICSSPE, use this form, used for anonymity.

Alleged misbehavior or misconduct:
No name needed.
Recipient(s) of your report:
Please note, in order to ensure follow up action, all officers will receive an automatic notification that a complaint was sent to one of the officers. They will not receive any additional information nor the content of your submission. This will only go to the officer who you have selected.
(Optional) If you want to be contacted, please share the following contact details:
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