No. 54 CD-ROM

Edited 09 2008

ISSN: 1728-5909

Feature: Women, Sport and Social Changes


Bulletin No. 54 focuses on "Women, Sport and Social Changes“ with a wide range of different and very interesting articles on this topic. Some examples include “Equality and Public Policies for Women in Sport in Europe” by Kari Fasting and Celia Brackenridge, "Perceived Roles of Female Athletes in Hong Kong“ by Siu Yin Cheung and "Can you be an agent of Change? Making a Difference Through Advocacy“ by Margaret Talbot. A report from ICSEMIS 2008, by Peter Van de Vliet, "Women in Coaching“ by Jan Stirling or "Elite Child Athlete“ by Abouzeid Magdy are current issues that we also cover in Bulletin No. 54, amongst others.


We are pleased to offer you now the archived issues of the Bulletin No. 54. Please download the file here.