Provide quality education and promote lifelong learning for all (SDG 4)

Physical education, physical activity and sport are “fundamental rights for all”, and as such constitute important components of equitable and quality education (SDG 4.1). Physical literacy provides the basis for lifelong participation in physical activity and the associated health benefits, making it essential for young people’s development and an important learning outcome across educational settings.

High quality physical education, physical activity and sport learning environments can also contribute to broader education outcomes. They can also provide experiential and empowering education that can promote the engagement of a diverse range of students, irrespective of their background, including those less-suited to formal education settings (SDG 4.5 and 5.1). The inclusive and equitable delivery of physical education, physical activity and sport within general education will contribute to eliminating gender disparities (SDG 4.5). It can also promote holistic development and lifelong learning, providing a platform well-suited to developing the knowledge and leadership skills needed to promote sustainable development (SDG 4.7).