Promote economic growth and full and productive employment and work for all (SDG 8)

The contribution of physical education, physical activity and sport to economic growth and employment can be observed in different contexts. The sport industry has been estimated to contribute up to one percent of the global gross domestic product, and stimulating its development can contribute to further benefits. Maximising the potential of sport-related, event-based and active leisure tourism, in particular, can support these efforts (SDG 8.2).

The attractiveness of sport to young people makes it a valuable setting for initiatives aimed at delivering employability outcomes (SDG 4.4), including entrepreneurial training (SDG 8.5 and 8.6). In addition, volunteers make a substantial contribution. The further economic benefit can be derived from deliberate policies aimed at scaling the voluntary contributions of officers, coaches, parents and other groups who deliver health and social benefit through supporting cost-effective physical education, physical activity and sport programmes (SDG 8.3).