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Panathlon International
Rapallo, Italy
Panathlon is an International Movement for the promotion and spread of culture and sporting ethics, according to the official recognition of the IOC, and it aims to deepen, divulge and defend the values of sport as a tool for training and enhancing the individual and as a vehicle of solidarity between men and peoples. The word "Panathlon" is of Greek origin, and can be translated with "group of sport disciplines" and its motto "Ludis Iungit" means "united by sport". Panathlon International is the association of all Panathlon Clubs, essentially based on the voluntary work of its Club members.


Adapted Physical Activity, Diversity, Equality and Equity in Sport, Ethics and Integrity in Sport, Inclusion, Physical Education, Public Health, Safeguarding, Sport and Coaching, Sport and Disability, Sport and Gender, Sport for All, Sport for Development, Sport Governance, Sport Management, Sport Pedagogy, Sport Philosophy, Sport Sociology, Sports Law, Sports Medicine, Traditional Sport and Games

English, French, German, Spanish
Physical Education, Health, and Recreation Study Program, Faculty of Sport Education and Health, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusuf Hidayat
Head of Physical Education, Health and Recreation Study Program
Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Phone: +62 81 321 99 46 31
Physical education, health, and recreation study program is a study program at the Faculty of Sports and Health Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, which organizes activities in the fields of physical education, sports, and health. The main objective of the study program is to produce graduates of physical education, sports, and health who have the expertise of educators, researchers, and creative economy developers in the fields of physical education, sports, and health with character and innovative use of Science and Technology.

Research, Teaching

Adapted Physical Activity, Exercise Physiology, Motor Behaviour, Physical Education, Physical Literacy, Sport and Coaching, Sport and Disability, Sport for Development, Sport Management, Sport Pedagogy, Sport Philosophy, Sport Psychology, Sport Sociology

Premier Academy of Sports Sciences and Physical Education, India
Dr Gurdeep Singh
Delhi, India
Phone: 91-9810282637
Premier Academy of Sports Science and Physical Education (India) being a non-profit and professional organization aims at promoting the culture of excellence in the field of Sports Science and Physical Education world-wide, for the purpose of channelising youthful energy into constructive and productive directions. Further, it promotes active and healthy lifestyle for people of all ages and classes, through participation in various disciplines of games, physical activities and competitive sports, on-line and off-line on the regular basis, for physical fitness, entertainment and social well-being, with a a view to develop India as a sporting nation, in due course of time.

Consultancy, Monitoring and Evaluation, Teaching

Elite Sport, Grass Roots Sport, High Performance Sport, Physical Education, Sport and Coaching, Sport Economics, Sport for All, Sport Management, Sport Psychology