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IOC Framework for safeguarding athletes and other participants from harassment and abuse in sport (Games time)

European Commission Focused actions to combat violence against women

ProS4 joint project on the Promotion of the Council of Europe Standards to safety, security and service at football matches and other sport events



IOC educational tools on Sexual harassment and abuse and Female Athlete Health




This paper maps the conduct of MSEs and their impact on athletes by reference to international human rights standards. Necessarily, this paper does so by examining the regulatory control exercised by ISOs, which perform the dual role of governing MSEs as well as governing and regulating the conduct of sport. This paper then identifies any gap in ensuring that the human rights of athletes are protected, respected and remedied. Finally, this paper suggests how those gaps may be filled and provides recommendations on the role that a Mega-Sporting Events Centre (MSE Centre) might play in addressing them.
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