Commonwealth Guide to Enhancing Development Through Sport


International Working Group - Sport for Development and Peace: Report “From the Field: Sport for Development and Peace in Action”


Good practice

  • Guatemala Hoodlinks hybrid sports programme for life skills development and violence prevention

  • Tunisia new educational plan towards combatting violence and intollerance (integrating value based education and PA)
  • Jordan leadership programme for refugees
  • Zimbabwe Chingwizi  disaster response and social development programme;
  • COE compendium of projects aimed at facilitating the integration of migrants through sport;
  • PLAY International Sport4Youth project
Racism and discrimination affect society at large, and football is no exception. Their impact on our sport is undeniable. FIFA recognises its responsibility to lead the way in abolishing all forms of discrimination in our game, but also to make the most of the influence football has beyond the pitch, thereby contributing to the fight against this scourge of society. FIFA’s position on the issue is unequivocal: there is no place for racism or for any form of discrimination in football, as clearly described in the FIFA Statutes and several of FIFA’s regulations and codes. FIFA is committed to fighting discrimination in football in all its forms.
PDF icon FIFA - Diversity and Anti-discrimination at FIFA.pdf
FIFA recognises and embraces its responsibility to lead the way in the global fight against discrimination in football. While this fight also relies on the implementation of measures by FIFA member associations at the national and local level, FIFA is striving to provide the appropriate framework for the eradication of discrimination throughout the football community.
PDF icon FIFA - Milestones for diversity and anti-discrimination at FIFA.pdf
Since 2002 PL4Y International (PI) actions in Kosovo are directed towards Kosovo’s youth. They aim to contribute to the social inclusion of all youth and children - especially the most vulnerable, through sport, physical activities and games. Since 2008, PL4Y International has been implementing the Sport4Youth project. Thanks to the project, in the last years a multi - ethnic network of hundred young sport animators has been created and consolidated. The volunteers trained by PI have been organizing inclusive sport activities for the children of their localities and participating to cross - communities events. The current report reflects the final evaluation of the Sport4Youth 2015 project. It details the objectives achieved in the framework of the Sport4Youth project as well as the main difficulties faced during the year. Finally the report proposes some recommendations for future actions.
PDF icon PLAY International - S4Y Final Evaluation 2015.pdf