BRICSESS 2024 Report: Advancing Health and Sports Sciences Globally

18/03/2024 09:58

The BRICSESS 2024 Conference took place in Faridabad and brought together experts from all over the world, to share their knowledge and ideas on how to improve health and sports.


The conference topic was "Advances in Holistic Health and Sport for Children and Youth: Innovation, Integration, and Sustainability through Science". This led to a variety of activities and workshops, including some sports exercises to put the experts’ ideas into practice. The organization’s focus was to show that health is connected to the body, mind and spirit. One of the highlights of the event was the exhibition of research posters, creating a “sciences fair” environment and allowing the participants to interact and learn from each other.


You can read all about what happened at the BRICSESS 2024 Conference in the report attached below.