The main aim of the project, Sport and Psycho-social Initiative for Inclusive Training is to make sports clubs more accessible and welcoming to everyone, with refugees in focus, by developing a framework for humane, inclusive and empowering coaching that nurtures good mental health.

In order to reach this aim, the following key activities will be carried out:

  • The collection, compilation and dissemination of relevant research and useful practical examples in the field of sport and mental health
  • Developing and promoting recommendations for educating coaches that advance the mental wellbeing of their sports participants
  • Creating and implementing a coaching framework that presents the academic case for sports and mental health in an accessible manner, and which utilises practical examples to guide the learner through an educational path
  • Providing an accessible online learning tool that facilitates the skills development of coaches in a flexible way


The project runs from January 2020 until December 2022.