Covid-19 Recommendations

Guidance for Individuals, Sports organisations and Policy-makers


The development of sport and physical activity for physical and mental wellbeing is a pillar of our work and the work of members and partners.


The Coronavirus pandemic has seen the global community’s communal efforts which are devoted to healthy and sustainable development of sport, physical activity and physical education, thoroughly challenged.


Through this difficult time, we, our members and partners carry on daily work with practitioners, leaders and policy-makers by encouraging and supporting plans for re-implementing physical activity and physical education in societies.


In response, many members and partners have collected and published insightful support documents and resources such as toolkits providing recommendations in which physical activity, physical education and sports can be adapted during this time.


The resources are useful for:

  • Individuals: who are looking for alternative ways to keep physically and mentally fit during this period
  • Sports organisations: that are trying to resume classes and trainings
  • Schools: which need advice for implementing safe and hygienic physical activity and physical education classes
  • Policy-makers: that require current academic-based knowledge and advice on the re-implementation of physical activity, physical education, sports for all and competitive sports.