FISU Projects

The International University Sports Federation, FISU, has implemented various projects over the course of the pandemic with the aim to keep people active and motivated.


The FISU projects are listed below:


Launch of Healthy Campus - After months of exhaustive preparations and expert inputs from around the world, the highly awaited FISU Healthy Campus project opens to all universities on 12 May - aiming to positively impact the lifestyles and wellbeing of millions of university students around the world, by encouraging physical activity and healthy choices on campuses.


#UniSportsClassics - After having opened FISU’s archive of television-quality content to broadcasters and member federations, FISU is looking to reach audiences directly by launching #UniSportsClassics with full competition replays of medal events from the Summer and Winter Universiades, and FISU World University Championship events. Using this hashtag, competing teams, friends, and family can relive key moments from their career as never before.


UWC Football Team Challenge - In November 2019, FISU had launched the first-ever University World Cup Football tournament in Jinjiang, People’s Republic of China, to great success and celebration. The pathbreaking tournament pitted the best university teams against each other in the world’s most popular sport. The IWC Football Team Challenge is a way to repeat the fun and replay the tournament – in a different, digital format. - Webinars on social media with FISU personalities (FISU President, FISU CEO-Secretary General)


#FitAtHome - A way to bring out fans and athletes together on social media and bring together all tips for working out to stay mentally strong and healthy.


WHO #WalkTheTalk Campaign— On 16 and 17 May, WHO hosted Walk the Talk: The Health for All Challenge. The first-time virtual event included fun physical activities, health information sessions with health experts on topics ranging from physical and mental health to nutrition and healthy ageing, and even cooking demonstrations. FISU partnered with WHO to promote this event, as it is much in line with the objectives of the FISU Healthy Campus project.


Eurosport highlights the Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade- Eurosport streamed some of the best highlights from the Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade on 25 and 26 May. A twohour programme, events covered were athletics, swimming, water-polo and volleyball.


For more information on FISU activities please visit the website.