Human Resources

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ICSSPE’s human resources strategy is defined by ICSSPE’s Statutes and Bylaws and based on an internal audit conducted annually. Following the results, a written report on the typology of human resources indicating alignment with ICSSPE’s projected services and projects.


Additional policies for Executive Board proceedings will be put in place. A written policy on Board succession and procedures will be developed and implemented. In addition, ICSSPE will devise:


  • A written Board member election manual;
  • An induction manual for new Executive Board members;
  • A performance evaluation manual for Board members;
  • Detailed job descriptions for all Executive Board positions;
  • Performance criteria for Executive Board members;
  • A Code of Commitment for Executive Board members.

Moreover, a human resources policy for the Development Committee is needed. Candidates for a position on the Development Committee as well as on the Executive Board need to be present if the election takes place during the General Assembly. ICSSPE will develop a succession policy for Development Committee members as well as further documents needed to ensure the proper functioning of the Committee.


ICSSPE members play a deciding role in establishing ICSSPE’s Board and Development Committee. By participating in the General Assembly and casting their vote for these important roles in ICSSPE or by participating themselves in the Committee and by being on the board, the members impact the organisation and its strategic direction.


The completed human resources audit will also help to revise and establish a human resource plan for its paid office staff including detailed job descriptions for all paid office staff positions.


Establishing these tools will minimise misunderstandings between ICSSPE’s staff, its Executive Director, the Executive Board and the Development Committee. It will ensure more effective processes and enhance the number of candidates for ICSSPE Board and Committee positions as all roles and responsibilities are clear and transparent from the start. All procedures and the plans will be revised annually and adapted as needed.


The following officers and staff members are leading on this Key Performance Area:


Dr Uri Schaefer, President

Dr Uri Schaefer has been leading ICSSPE since 2014. With his experience at the interface of research, education and policy development, the ICSSPE President is a welcome guest speaker at many international events. He is a strong promoter of low-threshold and equal access to physical activity for all members of society. He is a 1998 recipient of the Israel Olympic Committee Award for Outstanding Leadership and Contribution to Coach Education, and was elected to the International Jewish Hall of Fame in 2017.

You can contact him at uschaefer/at/


Patrick Stolpmann, Executive Director
Patrick Stolpmann (GER) has been the Executive Direct of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) since 2023. In his role, he is the link between academic experts, policy makers in governments, public administration and organised sports.
You can contact him at pstolpmann/at/