Grassroots Sport Toolkit

Let's Get Moving Together: A Toolkit for Grassroots Sport Leaders
The International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE), with support from UNESCO, has published a toolkit for future leaders in grassroots sport, the result of its Empowering Future Leaders in International Grassroots Sport project.
The toolkit can be downloaded here or see file below. 
The aim of the toolkit is to empower current and future leaders with appropriate knowledge and skills and to be a useful guide for anyone wanting to plan and deliver grassroots sport events or programmes in their communities. The project initiators and toolkit authors intend to contribute to positive social change by empowering especially young sport leaders from Africa.
Future leaders, especially young women from Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Germany, developed the toolkit as part of the programme that started with a series of six online workshops held in February 2022. Led by experienced scholars and practitioners from the ICSSPE network, who presented African-based and global perspectives, participants worked on a range of topics including the Parameters of Grassroots Sport; Leadership and Empowerment; Networking, Equality and Inclusion; Governance and Management; Sponsorship and Fundraising as well as Sustainability, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.
The toolkit provides a step-by-step guidance for grassroots sport programming. It addresses organisational issues and challenges that those in the field struggle with and do not always have the knowledge or guidance to address.
The content is supported by illustrations that have been created especially for this project, considering concepts of grassroots sport in an African context. The creative design efforts of Josephus van den Heever from Pretoria, South Africa have powerfully communicated several key concepts: inclusion, diversity, and community empowerment.
For more on the project see HERE
The toolkit pdf can be downloaded free of charge. Hard copies are available from the ICSSPE Office in Berlin.