Different. Just like You.

Different. Just Like you is a psychosocial approach promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities.


The handbook is aimed at professionals and volunteers working in the field, to create awareness for the importance of psychosocial support and inclusion when promoting psychosocial activities for well-being. It is written in the spirit of empowerment as being a central idea.


The book presents good practice examples in psychosocial support and a range of activities that help to release one’s potential and participate actively in society.


The handbook is availabe as a downloadable pdf in English, German (Anders. Genue wie Du.), French (Dfférent. Tout Comme Vous) as well as in Spanish (Diferente. Comme tú). 


Financed by the EU Lifelong Programme and conducted by partners from Germany, Australia and Denmark,t he IFRC Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support, Light for the World, Juul Journalistik og Kommunikation in cooperation with ICSSPE, the project aims to reach as many practitioners as possible and to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in daily life.