No. 61 CD-ROM

Edited 05 2011

ISSN: 1728-5909

Feature: Essays on the Paralympic Movement: Certainties and Doubts


Issue number 61 of the ICSSPE Journal presents an exciting and comprehensive feature called 'Essays on the Paralympic Movement: Certainties and Doubts'. Developed and edited by Prof. Keith Gilbert, Prof. Otto J. Schantz, and Dr. David Legg, it offers an invaluable insight into different areas and perspectives on sport for persons with a disability. The feature includes articles such as 'Youth, Disability and the Use of Sport in African Post-conflict Zones' by Ian Brittain; 'Inclusive Research: Dis/ability, Difference and the Paralympic Games' by Jill M. Le Clair; 'Positioning the Paralympic Games in Liquid Modernity' by Natalie Campbell; 'The International Paralympic Committee Classification Code: Solid Foundation or Built on Sand?' by Colin Higgs; and we hope that it will attract response and riposte from among our readers and also Paralympic athletes. The Current Issues section contains articles on the innovative way for developing individual coordination ability for sport arts, on the “Psychology of High Intent” and of course news from ICSSPE.


We are pleased to offer you now the issues of the Bulletin No. 61. Please download the file here.