No. 40 CD-ROM

Edited 01 2004

ISSN: 1728-5909

Feature: Professional Issues in Sport Science


Feature articles: 'How will Sport Science and Physical Education Continue to Evolve over the Next Decade?' Dr. Michael G. Davis, CEO of AAHPERD and Dr. Keith Henschen, Past President of AAHPERD, 'Promoting Sports Ethics- a Herculean task' by Leung Mee-lee, China, 'Professional Issue of Training – Case Study-The International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) Coaches Education and Certification System' by Harald Müller, Germany, 'How Can Sports Science Professionals Help Bridge the Increasing Chasm Between Socio-Economic and Cultural Groups?' by Doris R. Corbett, Ph.D., USA, 'The Challenge of Avoiding the Adverse Nutritional Impact of Globalization' by Jonathan C. Reeser, MD, PhD, USA and Cynthia K. Reeser, MPH, RD, LD, USA, 'Genuine Collaboration Versus Multiple Authorship' by Dr. Charles F. Cicciarella, USA, 'Is there Actual Value to Sport in Capitalistic Societies?' by Prof. Dr. H.c. H. Haag, M.S., Germany. Other sections include: ICSSPE News - Current Issues - Partners and Events - Member's News - Resources - Contacts.


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