No. 63 CD-ROM

Edited 05 2012

ISSN: 1728-5909

Feature: Athletes and Social Change


The essays, articles and narratives, collected and edited by Prof. Dr. Mary Hums (University of Louisville), Eli Wolff (Brown University) and Dr. Meg Hancock (University of Louisville), examine and provide diverse perspectives at the intersection of athletes and social change. Included are topics such as 'Paying the Price for Speaking Out: Athletes, Politics and Social Change' by Simon C. Darnell; 'Athletes' Social Responsibility in South Korea' by Hyunjoo Cho; 'Long-Lasting Social Change as Ultimate Success for 'Heroes out of Sport'' by Thomas Könecke; and 'Athletes and Social Change: Developing the Citizen Athlete' by Ann Peel, Erin Cameron, and Marko Begovic. Additionally you can find several organisational profiles connected to this topic. The Current Issues section presents a broad variety of topics, amongst others 'Bear Bryant's System of Winning'; 'Wheelchair Athletes and their Considerations in Sporting Activities'; Physical Fitness and Physical Activity as Determinants of Health Development in Children and Adolescents; and 'Morphology and Low Back Pain, in Women During Pregnancy and Post-Partum'.


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