No. 60 CD-ROM

Edited 10 2010 ISSN: 1728-5909 Feature: Sport and Economy
A warm welcome to issue number 60 of the ICSSPE Journal, where this month’s feature takes a look at research topics in the field of "Sport and Economy”. Contributions were received from different institutions world-wide and the research papers all aim to provide an overview of topical issues from sport economy.
To round up the topic, our Resources section contains a webliography, with lots of information and links to organisations involved in the feature topic.
Our Current Issues section is also full of interesting research articles with contributions from around the world, covering a range of topics including "Eligibility and fairness in sport - the role of science and education", “Swiss youths and the storying of non-participation in organised sport: A narrative examination of two cases” and "The influence of sporting role models on the moral development and prosocial behaviour of children and youth".
We are pleased to offer you now the archived issues of the Bulletin No. 60. Please download the file here.