No. 59 CD-ROM

Edited 05 2010

ISSN: 1728-5909

Feature: Sport and Globalisation


The topic of this edition's special feature is "Sport and Globalisation", and Prof. Darlene Kluka and Prof. Anneliese Goslin have successfully collected articles from very different viewpoints. These include Lauri Tarasti's looks at "Legal Considerations of Sport and Globalisation", while Prof. Pak-Kwong Chung researches "Elite Sport Development Considerations". Dr. Dean Ravizza introduces an example of "The uses of sport for children in armed conflict". In addition to the scientific articles, you will find a "webliography" on the topic in the Resources section, including links to organisations, print and online publications and open access full-text documents, summarised by Gretchen Ghent. In the Current Issue section you will find further scientific research articles as well as ICSSPE and Member's News.


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