Uri Schaefer Elected President

ICSSPE General Assembly
09/20/2016 13:33

On the eve of the 3rd ICSEMIS and the Paralympic Games the 26th ICSSPE General Assembly elected Uri Schaefer President of the organisation.


Uri Schaefer is a former head of the sport administration of the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport, as well as former director of the Wingate Institute. He held the office provisionally, since the death of President Margaret Talbot.


In addition, Darlene Kluka, Barry University, USA and Maria Dinold, University of Vienna, were elected as Vice Presidents. Wolfgang Baumann was also confirmed for a second term as Vice President.


In the course of the Assembly, delegates approved a series of motions which include the budget for the upcoming two years as well as changes of the organisation’s statutes. Part of these changes reflect the strategy revision process which was initiated by the President’s Committee and supported by the members present unanimously.


Furthermore, the delegates appointed former ICSSPE President Gudrun Doll-Tepper Honorary President of the organisation, thereby acknowledging the exceptional contribution she made during her presidency from 1997 to 2008, and subsequently, for the development of ICSSPE.