Urban Sport and Health Conference

Sport, Exercise and Health in the Digitized City
10/15/2018 14:08

The Senate Department for Home Affairs and Sport of the State of Berlin will hold the Urban Sport and Health Conference from 19th until 20th November, 2018 in Berlin, Germany.


The organizer and ICSSPE want to stimulate the development of cooperation between the departments of health, urban planning, infrastructure, science, education and sport.


The goal is to make urban space more exercise-friendly in order to counteract the increase in civilization diseases. These include, of course, the construction and preservation of sports facilities, recreational and park facilities, biking and walking paths. But the considerations should go beyond that. What possibilities does the increasingly digitized city offer us? How can buildings and entire neighbourhoods be made more motion friendly? What do we know about the leisure, exercise and sports behaviour of all age groups in a city? What can you learn from them? And how can one influence their behaviour? There are a lot of important and exciting questions. But solutions should also be collected and discussed. That's why the Senate Administration is looking forward to active participants.


Please follow the link for registration.