UNESCO Sport Policy Mapping Tool

02/11/2012 07:00

The Interdisciplinary Centre of ICESSD is inviting individuals and organisations to cooperate in assembling and determining the status of sport policies in countries on different continents.


ICESSD conducted a country research study commissioned by UNESCO to assess and determine the status of sport policies in ten African countries while a team from Georgetown University did mapping in USA, Europe and Africa. To facilitate their work in the future, mapping was identified in all groups as essential.  Given the questionnaires that now exist as a result of this research, and in the interest of initiating the said mapping process, ICESSD is considering to extend the UNESCO mapping tool for use in other countries as well. The results will provide a data base for current and future work in the sport and development sector; be it in peace, environment, health and policies and CSR including issues around physical education, gender, youth, gender, disability.

Should you have an interest in participating the ICESSD would like to hear from you via sportanddevelopmentuwc.ac.za