Stimulating Debate in Sport Management

The newest ICSSPE publication is out now!
05/07/2020 14:06

As name suggests - “Managing Sport Across Borders” – ICSSPE’s new publication highlights the challenges we face within the current management of sports, it provides pragmatic suggestions on sport management practices and furthermore it raises challenging questions and ideas which calls for further debates.


With sports being a dynamic player in both the global business world as well as social development world, the book dives deep into these two leading aspects within the sports world, covering the commercial aspects and social justice aspects. It explores key topics including crowd funding in sport, managing commercial alliances, examines issues including sport volunteer management and the management of sport for inclusion.


Highlighting modern sport management concepts and suggestions for further future research and practices, the book aligns itself as a must read for all students, researchers and practitioners working in or around the sphere of sports management, sport development and sport for development


The book was written by leading sport management and sport development scholars from around the world, edited by Anneliese Goslin, Darlene A. Kluka, Rosa Lopez de D'Amico and Karen Danylchuk.


You can purchase this publication by following this link. ICSSPE members can benefit from a discount code which you can inquire at the ICSSPE Office at