The State of Physical Activity in Europe

A Next Step in the PASS Project
06/13/2016 16:55

What are the benefits of Physical Activity for society? And what policy and practice exist in Europe to promote Physical Activity? 


Some answers to these questions were given by introducing the mid-term results of the PASS project during a workshop in Brussels, Belgium on 23rd  and 24th  May 2016. Sport and Citizenship, ICSSPE and the PASS project partners presented the draft of a 4-page leaflet, as well as a 12-page brochure, summarizing the findings of the narrative review on the state of physical activity in Europe, carried out by ICSSPE.


Using the new marketing tools, the members will now present the results of the review at several occasions within the EU Parliament and at national levels within the countries represented in the Consortium.


For further information please visit: or contact Katrin Koenen ( (Katrin Koenen)) or Richard Bailey ( (Richard Bailey))  at the ICSSPE Office.