Sport Coaching for Mental Well-being

A Systematic Literature Review
06/05/2021 16:55

The SPIRIT Project and partnership is delighted to announce the publication of Sport Coaching for Mental Well-being: A Systematic Literature Review. This research review provides a critical basis and foundation within which to develop further recommendations and coach education tools for the sector.


The ERASMUS+ SPIRIT Project (Sport and Psycho-social Initiative for Inclusive Training) aims to develop a framework for humane, inclusive and empowering coaching and sport clubs that nurture mental well-being.


This newly published piece of work, led by ICSSPE, presents an overview of existing research on the topic of sport and mental well-being and in particular on the influence of coaches on the mental wellbeing of athletes in grassroots sport.


The document details the literature review process and identifies key concepts and theories around which coaching practice and sport club management should align itself, according to academic research. The key findings have further been presented in a very short summary document for accessible and simple dissemination of this knowledge. The Sport Coaching for Mental Well-being: Key Findings from a Systematic Literature Review will be made available in the following languages: English; Spanish; German; Finnish; Greek; Dutch and Bulgarian.


It is generally known that sport and physical activity is good for both physical and mental well-being, but how do we ensure this positive correlation between sport and mental well-being? Which practices do we need to stop and which practices do we need to adopt into the culture of sport coaching to protect the mental well-being of even the most vulnerable?


We hope that policy makers, sport management professionals, coach educators, coaches and all stakeholders who have responsibility in the delivery of safe, healthy and inclusive sport will take the time to read this work.


This is an opportunity to better reflect on our current practices and demand to ensure that grassroots sport both protects and promotes strong mental well-being of the athletes – so that sport environments are safe and welcoming, even for those most at risk of poor mental health.


Read and share the review and its findings and become part of the change: