Sport Anti-discrimination Lacks Enforcement

02/11/2012 07:20

"As a general finding, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights found that almost all European and international umbrella organisations governing sports have adopted anti-racism or antidiscrimination paragraphs in their statutes or similar documents. Most of these provisions, however, lack detailed disciplinary measures that would enforce their implementation", said Morten Kjaerum, Director, of the Agency.


In its most recent quarterly publication Sport and Citizenship explore sport and discrimination in Europe by revealing what the experts and representatives of prestigious institutions such as the European Commission for Education, Culture, Multilingualism,Youth and Sport, UEFA President, the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation, and the International Paralympic Committee have to say in response to:


Could sport, as a universal and popular practice, be free from discrimination?

Does it help breaking down prejudices while facilitating exchanges, meetings and confrontations with the others?

Where are we in Europe?

What could-not to say must-still be done?


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