ICSSPE Partners in Three New ERASMUS+ Projects
10/02/2019 15:42

ICSSPE was recently informed that three ERASMUS+ applications, in which ICSSPE partners, were successfully evaluated by the European Commission.


The project period for Sport and Psycho-social Initiative for Inclusive Training; Understanding and Promoting Whistleblowing on Doping Irregularities in the EU; and Diverse and Inclusive Teams for Children under 12, will start in January 2020 and will run for two and a half, respectively three years.


ICSSPE’s responsibilities will range from a research review about the connections between mental health and sport; across the development of key recommendations for coaches’ education, which will provide policy guidelines to promote whistleblowing in doping for NADOs, sporting federations and policy makers; to the provision of online pedagogical tools for coaches and club directors.


ICSSPE will provide progress reports for these projects in the monthly News. For further information, please contact the ICSSPE office at ddumonaticsspe.org.