Shout Out to Sport Clubs

DITEAM12 project developments
08/03/2020 15:56

As much as sports participation can promote inclusivity, it can also be a place where exclusivity, disrespect and violence occur, especially in competitive environments. In response, the Erasmus+ funded project “DITEAM12” (Diverse and Inclusive Teams for Children under 12) was born. ICSSPE took charge of the literature review on diversity and inclusion in grassroots sports.


Following this, the project group originally planned to embark on field observations with sport clubs. However, as sport clubs were closed during the first wave of the pandemic in all of the partner countries and as many of them are still not open yet, the DITEAM12 consortium had to figure out new pathways to approach sport clubs and new methods for meeting the aim of the project.


Next Steps

For this reason, a survey was created and will be shared with sports clubs involved in the Diteam12 project. The goal is to ask for opinions and gather information about inclusion in sport clubs from managers, coaches and parents.


Shout out to sport clubs!

If you want to integrate inclusive sport offers in your sport club, or you already do so, but want to gain further profound knowledge of the topic, please feel free to contact ICSSPE ( for more information.


We are currently looking for sport clubs that we can support with educational material.


If the current coronavirus pandemic allows it, the partners will visit the clubs between September and October for field observations, depending on when clubs restart their training and competitions.


DITEAM12 is an Erasmus+ funded project and stands for Diverse and Inclusive Teams for Children under 12. For more information, please visit Associación Mi Hijo y Yo’s website.