Recall: Games of the Past – Sports for Today

Book Review
10/08/2015 14:45

The publication “Recall: Games of the Past – Sports for Today” offers a collection of 50 traditional sports and games from 11 European countries. 


For coaches, physical educators and all those who work with children or have an interest in traditional games and sports (TSG) it is a great resource of ideas on how to integrate some of the almost forgotten games and sports into everyday lives of children. Besides being pragmatically relevant as an endeavour to increase physical activity of children it is a great contribution to preserving and passing on the knowledge of cultural heritage and local identity to new generations in a fun and inspiring way. Every game in the book bears its original name in the language of country from which it originates and is equipped with essential information relevant for game to take place such as number of players, age, area of play, rules etc. followed by a nice illustration. Motor, social and cognitive skills the participants are likely to develop and the level of difficulty are stated. But what sets this book apart from other similar collections is “Let’s Inclusivize TSG” section within every game instruction that provides ideas and alternative actions that increase accessibility for people with disabilities and other marginalized groups. As well, the section uses the “UniversAbility” logo that in TSG context symbolizes readiness to include people with different levels of ability and an attempt to address current social issues with TSG as a mean. This section provides readers with ideas that are by no means conclusive but act as a starting point and an example of indefinite possibilities that have potential to contribute to more inclusive society. Background information about the games origins are provided and give an insight into small pieces of history and tradition of the countries.


Recall: Games of the Past – Sports for Today is another great endeavour from TAFISA.


Editors: Malgorzata Bronikowska and Jean-Francois Laurent