Publishing Opportunities with ICSSPE

ICSSPE News and ICSSPE Bulletin
06/13/2016 16:27

ICSSPE members are warmly encouraged to send in documents for inclusion in the ICSSPE Bulletin and ICSSPE News.



When sending us your articles, features and news items, you are kindly asked to remember these points:

  1. Layout should be simple and include as little formatting as possible. Please do not design or ‘prettify’ your text as it will be reformatted in the ICSSPE Office.
  2. Microsoft Word is our preferred package. We can accept text files in .doc, .docx and .rtf. If you have used a Mac please ensure that the files you send us are PC compatible.
  3. Please use British English.
  4. Graphs, photos etc. are always welcome in both the News and the Bulletin, but they need to be of high quality.
  5. Articles submitted to the Bulletin should normally be around 3,000-3,500 words. They should also include a short Abstract (about 100 words) at the beginning, that summarizes the article.
  6. Articles should include the author’s name under the title at the beginning. It should also include the Name, Title and Contact Address (plus e-mail) of the author at the end of the article.
  7. Articles should use APA-6 referencing.
  8. Please do not use unnecessary gendered language (e.g., ‘he’ to refer to a non-specific person). Instead, use either ‘s/he’, ‘they’ or similarly gender-neutral language.


The next Special feature in the ICSSPE Bulletin will be published on 31st October 2016. Its topic is ‘Exercise and Science in Ancient Times’. The Editor of the issue is Suresh Harir Deshpande, and he will be very happy to receive articles at

But please also feel free to send in reports and scientific articles for our Current Issues section!


For the ICSSPE News, please send us updates on your organisation’s work, projects and publication.