Preparing for Leadership in Sport

Paths to Success
04/10/2014 14:55

The 3rd edition of the seminar 'Paths to Success: Inspiring Future Leaders in Sport’ takes place from 14 until 16 November 2014 in Berlin, Germany.


The seminar is designed to provide young women and men with valuable skills and tools as a basis for becoming potential future leaders in national and international bodies in the fields of sport, sport science and physical education. The central theme of the seminar is concerned with project management including various aspects of communication and leadership styles. The programme therefore includes training sessions on fundamentals of leadership, stakeholder management, teamwork, presentation skills and communication methods. Expertise is ensured through high rank workshop facilitators and presenters.


The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and ICSSPE jointly host the seminar, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior of Germany. It will be held at the 'Hotel Seminaris', Campus Hotel Berlin, Takustrasse 39, 14195, Berlin, Germany.


Further information regarding the registration procedure as well as the programme will soon be provided through the ICSSPE website.