Policy, Education and Knowledge in Coaching

ICSSPE’s new ERASMUS Plus Project Goes Public
05/28/2019 12:31

‘PEAK’ - Policy, Education and Knowledge in Coaching – is the new international agenda for promoting sports coaching as a genuine profession.


As leader of the underlying ERASMUS Plus-funded project, ICSSPE has gathered together a unique panel of speakers to share thoughts on the future of coaching, including Hayley Harrison (Sport Ireland Coaching), Karen Petry (German Sports University), John Bales (International Council for Coaching Excellence), and Richard Bailey (International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education) to introduce and discuss this important topic in public. Within the PEAK project, the leading international and national agencies for sport and sports coaching have united to address one of the most urgent concerns in sport, namely good governance of coaching. Its primary objective to promote and support good governance in sport by preparing a set of coaching policy recommendations will be the basis for the up-coming symposium.


PEAK will be imbedded into the exciting 3rd iCoachKids International Conference taking place at the University of Limerick, Ireland, June 14th and 15th 2019, hosted by Sport Ireland Coaching. Under the theme of ‘Child Centred Coaching’, the iCoachKids Conference has drawn together an international line-up of renowned experts who will deliver keynotes, workshops and practical sessions, including Dan Gould, Michigan State University, USA; Marie Murphy, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland; Nicolette Schipper van Veldhoven, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands; Catherine Woods, University of Limerick, Ireland; Kris van der Haegen, Royal Belgian Soccer Association, Belgium; and Sergio Lara-Bercial, Leeds Beckett University, UK, and the International Council for Coaching Excellence.


Further information and registration for the event can be reserved here.


ICSSPE members can get a special offer by their registering directly through the ICSSPE Office (contact Iva Glibo at igliboaticsspe.org)!