Physical Activity during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Role of Physical Activity
04/09/2020 06:22

The World Health Organization and a number of other stakeholders emphasise the role of physical activity during COVID-19 response.


WHO has produced social media tiles which promote key messages on physical activity: to stay active, to reduce sitting, to break up sitting, and to be active in variety of ways at home. These information are being translated into various UN languages.


On 2nd April 2020 WHO launched #healthyathome and #BeActive with central messages. Further social media activities will follow.


Other organisations such as CELAFISCS continue to celebrate the World Day for Physical Activity on 6th April and invite all stakeholders to share their activities on that day with the general public using the following website:


Another initiative has been kicked-off by the Foundation for Community Health. The Foundation has started a Free Activity & Health Education for Families GoFundMe global campaign to offer solutions for staying healthy while being inside. Their material can be found at