Physical Activity in Children under 10

New Publication out Now
06/05/2021 17:03

The first ten years of a child’s life play an important role in shaping habits and behaviours such as physical activity, which relate to a healthy life. The new publication Physical Activity and Sport during the First Ten Years of Life combines inter-disciplinary findings from experts in the field of physical activity, physical education, and sport.


The book looks at the evidence on child development during the first ten years and how this relates to physical activity later in life. The importance of physical activity - appropriate to a child’s age - is substantiated by international case studies.


The publication is aimed at students, researchers, educators and policy makers who are interested in physical activity and its health benefits.


ICSSPE Perspectives

Physical Activity and Sport during the first ten years of life

Edited By Richard Bailey, Jennifer P. Agans, Jean Côté, Andy Daly-Smith and Phillip D. Tomporowski.


Routledge 2021


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