Philip Noel-Baker Research Award for Anneliese Goslin

Executive Board Emphasised Goslin’s Contribution to Sport
28/05/2019 13:28

Anneliese Goslin was awarded the 2018 Philip Noel-Baker Research Award.


The highest recognition of ICSSPE to honour excellence in sport science was presented to her by ICSSPE President Uri Schaefer during the 80th Executive Board Meeting in Malta, Austria.


Anneliese Goslin received the award for her long-standing and extraordinary contribution to sport development in relation to a number of responsibilities. For many years, she was employed at the Department of Sport and Leisure Studies at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. In her research and professional career Anneliese focused on sport and recreation management, and leadership development in sport and recreation. She has publishesd extensively in prestigious scientific journals, has supervised 30 doctoral and master students, and regularly presents scientific papers at national and international conferences.


Understanding the benefits of international cooperation, she took over responsibilities in various international sport organisations such as TAFISA, ISCPES and IAPESGW. Eventually, she became Chair of ICSSPE’s Editorial Board, and is currently chairing, in cooperation with Maria Dinold, the ICSSPE Development Committee.


Together with ICSSPE Vice President Darlene Kluka, Anneliese Goslin is running an annual sport for development project in Malawi.


She has received many professional national and international awards and has been included in the List of 100 most influential People in South African Sport. She received the distinguished South African State President’s Award for service to the South African sport and recreation industry. In 2012 she became Chairperson of the Ministerial Advisory Committee for Recreation for the South African government. 


Anneliese Goslin has made a unique and sustained contribution to sport in Africa, and around the world.On behalf of colleagues and friends ICSSPE and its membership around the world would like to offer their warmest congratulations to her.