Oversight and Assessment

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ICSSPE’s financial strategy aims at developing a sustainable longterm plan that balances income and expenses. A team within ICSSPE will be selected and tasked with this process. An audit of all financial statements is submitted to the Executive Board (Article 11.2 of ICSSPE’s Statutes). In addition, ICSSPE’s Treasurer completes an annual report (Ad Article 8.1 ICSSPE Bylaws). Audited financial statements are also to be presented to the General Assembly (Ad Articles 7.1, 7.7 and 11.3 of ICSSPE’s Bylaws).


Prior to implementing any changes, a complete analysis of all revenue streams is to be conducted. Based on the results a new financial plan will be developed. The plan will include a range of measures to secure revenue and manage spending. ICSSPE’s annual financial objectives and key performance indicators are to:


  • Develop a list of 3 to 5 additional viable revenue sources;
  • Submit and complete 3 to 5 grants to identified sources of revenue annually;
  • Submit and complete 3 to 5 research grants annually;
  • Submit and complete 3 sponsorship proposals annually;
  • Procure all membership fees from existing ICSSPE members on time (Ad Article 5 of ICSSPE’s Bylaws);
  • Approach and procure 3 donations from beneficiaries;
  • Utilise ICSSPE’s products and brand to generate income.

These measures, amongst others, will be part of the annual budget. In parallel, ICSSPE will develop a financial contingency plan with steps and measures to respond to a change in income. problems. All measures combined ensure transparency of ICSSPE’s finances and accountability for its actions.


The following officers and staff members are leading on this Key Performance Area:


Patrick Stolpmann, Executive Director
Patrick Stolpmann (GER) has been the Executive Direct of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) since 2023. In his role, he is the link between academic experts, policy makers in governments, public administration and organised sports.
You can contact him at pstolpmann/at/icsspe.org.