Online Educational Material

06/20/2018 14:51

Together with several universities and sport organisations, ICSSPE is participating in a two year European Union-funded Erasmus+ project which is called Sport Whistleblowing of Harmful Irregularities in Sport through Learning & Education (WHISTLE). The project aims to encourage sport organisations to introduce compliance systems and mechanisms for internal reporting and to raise awareness, to guide and inform athletes and stakeholders to resist harmful irregularities.


Within this project an online educational material has been developed to increase awareness, inform, and activate athletes and stakeholders to recognize harmful irregularities in sport, to resist and to report. According to the project coordinator Professor Tsorbatzoudis: The Sport WHISTLE is among the first efforts to develop educational material promoting whistleblowing. It is an innovative educational material based on evidence from the sport people’s opinions and beliefs and addressing the core issues related to whistleblowing such as legislation, procedures, development of positive culture and empowerment of people to blow the whistle.


The educational material was presented on 14th June, 2018 at the International Congress of Physical Education, Sports and Kinetotherapy (ICPESK 2018) in Bucharest, Romania.


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