Ommo Grupe Passed Away

Founding Father of Germany’s Sport Science
03/10/2015 16:35

Professor Ommo Grupe has passed away on 26 February aged 84 years.


Ommo Grupe is seen by many of his colleagues and students as one of the most important sport scientists of the 20th century, who brought sport science and sport closer together and whose scientific approach influenced curricula development as well as the development of sport organisations.


Ommo Gruppe was the first to do a habilitation in the Federal Republic of Germany and thus laid the foundation for the development of sport science at West Germany’s universities.


His students became professors in many countries of the world. Former ICSSPE President and Vice President of the German Olympic Sport Confederation Gudrun Doll-Tepper commented: “It is almost impossible to capture the life achievements of this unique pedagogue and scientists in words. Ommo Grupe has strongly shaped me and many other sport scientists with his value oriented work to sport, physical education and Olympic education. For many of us, he has been a friend and a critical companion who we will keep in our memories with gratefulness.”


For many years, Ommo Grupe was a member on the ICSSPE Executive Board. In 1976 he was awarded with the Philip Noel-Baker Research Award.