New Review on SDP Sector Published

10/11/2011 12:00


The international journal Theories & Applications (TAIE) recently published a new review on the sport for development and peace sector entitled Sport as an Instrument for People Development and Peace Promotion.


In this article, the authors Paolo Parisi and Andrea Brunelli, respectively Rector of and PhD student at the University of Rome “Foro Italico”, Italy, provide an overview of the Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) phenomenon including comments and reflections on some of the key aspects regarding how the SDP sector is developing.


According to the authors, “decision-makers of the sport-science sector should devote more interest to the area and have the courage to invest resources into grassroots research”. At the same time they acknowledge that the major challenge for SDP practitioners and scholars, as well as for those working in other areas of sport science, remains that “the amount of knowledge that will be collected over the next years will not remain just in the academic journals but will find a direct and useful application in the field”.


The TIAE is the official international journal of the Faculty of Physical Education, Abu Qir, Alexandria University, Egypt.


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