New PhD programme in Sport Sciences

Sport Research Institute & Olympic Studies Centre UAB
27/05/2022 17:54

The Sport Research Institute and the Olympic Studies Centre of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) have launched a new PhD program on Sport Sciences. The new UAB PhD programme in Sport Sciences includes a specific research line on Olympic Studies. The first intake for this programme will start in September this year.


Students can enrol to start their PhD studies next academic course 2022-23. The PhD programme includes a specific research line on Olympic Studies and the Olympic phenomena. Students from different academic fields - social sciences, law, humanities, engineering, health sciences or traditional sciences - can undertake their doctoral studies on the Olympics. The programme will provide them with a disciplinary and multidisciplinary vision necessary to solve the needs and challenges of sport today.


The PhD program in Sports Sciences is based on two different values: interdisciplinarity and international orientation. It is structured in seven research lines and more than 25 PhD supervisors from the UAB, and other international research centres participate as PhD supervisors.


The programme has been created by the UAB Sports Research Institute (IRE-UAB), a UAB institute that brings together the research, training and knowledge transfer initiatives promoted by the UAB in the field of sport, as well as the UAB Olympic Studies Centre, the oldest in the world.


The UAB-OSC is an IOC recognised Olympic Studies Centre that has been promoting research and education activities on the Olympics since 1989 and has a wide network of academic collaboration with key Olympic actors.



UAB PhD program on Sport Sciences

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