Membership Development

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At the heart of all ICSSPE activities are its members. ICSSPE members form the General Assembly, which includes approximately 160 national and international organisations and institutions of sport, sport science and physical education. Based on the Strategic Plan, a diverse range of membership analyses are conducted. The membership survey realised in early 2020 and its subsequent report serve as a basis to further incorporate all members into ICSSPE’s strategic decisions.


To further the insight, ICSSPE will conduct a membership composition analysis, an analysis of all ICSSPE members. By categorising the members by geographic location, type of science and other factors, ICSSPE can better angle its products and services towards the members’ specific requirements and needs. Lastly, ICSSPE looks into how members use ICSSPE’s services and how active they are in the network. By offering new products and services, ICSSPE can improve member satisfaction, engagement and create long-lasting partnerships.


The insights gained through the various analyses lead to strategic recommendations for ICSSPE and are incorporated in the new membership development plan. This overall strategy aligns with the marketing and communication plan and includes key performance indicators (KPIs) about ICSSPE membership benefits, membership quality criteria, ICSSPE’s benefits from having members as well as tools to expand the membership and retain members.


ICSSPE will launch the membership strategy through social media outreach and direct contact with existing and potential new membership. Interaction with members is facilitated by its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts as well as through regular feedback forms following ICSSPE events. Regular meetings with the Development Committee and input from the working groups will also help guide the membership strategy. In addition, ICSSPE will pay special attention to (potential) member organisations and institutions in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia so as to offer relevant content for these regions and build a meaningful membership network in these areas.


ICSSPE will assess all KPIs annually. Furthermore, ICSSPE is committed to conducting extensive membership surveys every 4 years and will submit the results to the Executive Board for management decision making. The insights gained will then be used to revise the membership development plan biennially so as to make sure to provide the best possible membership experience to all groups.


The following officers and staff members are leading on this Key Performance Area:


Prof. Dr David Legg, Executive Board Member

David Legg is a Professor in the Department of Health and Physical Education at Mount Royal University in Canada. His roles and experiences with local, national and international organisations such as the Canadian Paralympic Committee and International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity will allow David to best situate ICSSPE to recruit and serve members moving forward with the new strategic plan.


Patrick Stolpmann, Executive Director
Patrick Stolpmann (GER) has been the Executive Direct of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) since 2023. In his role, he is the link between academic experts, policy makers in governments, public administration and organised sports.
You can contact him at pstolpmann/at/


Daniel Gildner, Office & Membership Manager
Daniel Gildner (GER) has been with the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) since 2023, overseeing ICSSPE membership affairs and the Office activities in Berlin.
As a graduate in sports scientist, he advocates for drug-free sports and has, in the past, been a professional athlete in natural bodybuilding. He is generally interested in all activities related to strength training.
You can contact him at dgildner/at/