Martial Arts for Persons with a Disability

Kick-Off Meeting in Berlin
03/15/2017 12:51

The new EU-funded Erasmus+ project - PRIME - has been kicked-off at the ICSSPE headquarters in Berlin, Germany.


PRIME stands for Participation, Recreation and Inclusion through Martial Arts Education and unites the Association of Wado Karate Do Kai Shin Gi Tai Italia, the Disability Karate Federation, Hayashi Karate Center e.V., the International Council for Coaching Excellence, the International Taekwondo Federation, The Association For International Sport for All, the UNESCO Chair in Transforming the Lives of People with Disabilities, their Families and Communities, Through Physical Education, Sport, Recreation and Fitness at the Institute of Technology Tralee – and ICSSPE.


Under the coordination of ICSSPE, this ambitious and diverse team of experts is committed to increase levels of physical activity of persons with a disability by improving the expertise of martial arts coaches.


The main vehicle for realising this goal is the development of a web-based, multi-lingual collection of training and exercise materials for various age and ability groups that benefit martial arts providers.


The programme will run until 31st December 2018. For more information feel free to contact the ICSSPE office!