Learning through Street Football

03/11/2012 14:40

On June 12, 2012, youth leaders from KICKFAIR partner organisations, Carlos Antonio Gonzales Bordon from the Centro para el desarollo de la intelegencia (CDI) in Paraguay, Gilbert Ndayambaje from Esperance in Rwanda and Moises Giusseppe Frigerio Huanquilen from Chigol in Chile, joined members of the KICKFAIR team, Matthias Gather, Marcel Mauz and Tarek Hegazy, in a visit to the ICSSPE office. 

KICKFAIR is a registered charity that develops long-term and applied concepts for education curriculums, methods of learning and sports training. KICKFAIR improves individual skills and supports personal development, in street football and for life. Street football is consistently used as a tool to engage young people in the community, foster integration, global learning and international understanding among players.
KICKFAIR develops and tailors street football projects to fit local cultures and contributes to the healthy social development of communities in Germany, as well as provides consultation to German schools for the inclusion of football in the school curriculum. There are many KICKFAIR projects active around Germany and international projects connected with partner organisations all around the world.
KICKFAIR brings together youth for a holistic learning experience through workshops and football playing. Their mission is to foster ´social transformation´ by involving youth in street football tournaments and learning opportunities. Their aim is to achieve social equality for all, especially for disadvantaged youth who do not have the same access to educational and social opportunities than others, and to enhance community cohesion. Street football, which can be played anywhere with open space, is a tool for social development, as participating youth learn about teamwork, empathy, cooperation, responsibility, winning, losing, peer modeling, and the development of a positive personal and social attitude.
International projects allow for connections and partnerships between youth from different countries to be made, creates a ´meeting platform´ and allows for extra-curricular learning through football alongside academic or traditional learning. It also offers the opportunity for youth leaders to mentor the next generation of participants, sharing their experience and knowledge.
For more information see the KICKFAIR website: http://www.kickfair.org/
Association des Jeunes Sportifs de Kigali (Esperance), Rwanda: http://www.streetfootballworld.org/network/all-nwm/esperance
Red Chilena de Futbol Callejero, Chile: www.chigol.cl
Centro para el desarollo de la intelegencia (CDI), Paraguy: http://www.cdi.org.py/